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                                                      Specialized Handling Tools for the Nuclear Industry

Peters Machine, Inc. has been designing and building long reach tongs and manipulators for the nuclear industry since 1960.


Our unique patented design has proven to be simple to operate, reliable, lightweight and easily customizable to handle various diameters and shapes of fuel or objects that require moving or positioning underwater in the highly radiated reactor fuel pool environment .


Our tongs feature a manually operated, adjustable, locking  “A” style handle that is capable of exerting a extreme amount of closing force to a wide selection of tool grippers that we offer.


The design of the handle also gives the operator a sense of feel as it is closing the jaws of the gripper on the object to be picked up.


This allows the operator to adjust the closing force

accordingly for the weight and size of the object to be handled, weather it is large and heavy, or small and

lightweight such as a small wrench or screwdriver.


The handle assembly is constructed of 6061– T6

aluminum with stainless steel hinge pins and is

available in the following sizes:

A-500 ; an “A” style handle to fit  1/2” aluminum pipe.

A-750 ; an “A” style handle to fit  3/4” aluminum pipe.


Structural 6061-T6 schedule 40 aluminum pipe is used

to connect the handle assembly to the gripper unit

using 1/2” or 3/4” pipe depending on gripper size and

design. The gripper is operated via an inner actuating

rod encased in the outer pipe mast and connected to

the handle adjustment knob.


Complete tools are available in one section lengths up to

20’ long, or multiple coupled sections in any length or configuration. We have supplied these tools up to 100ft. long using multiple coupled pipe sections featuring our quick connect pipe couplings.